And....we're open!

Well folks, it's been a long journey but we finally made it to doors being open and beer being sold! Last weekend was our official opening (though not a 'grand' opening as of yet. That date is coming soon). So far, tremendous support from the community, positive reviews, and overall just a fantastic vibe in the tap room. 

We've had friends and family come by to clean, can, and serve. For that, we can't thank them enough. As for the local craft beer community? You gals and guys have been a tremendous fountain of knowledge and help. What other industry loans the use of ingredients or equipment when you're in a pinch? It really takes a community to build one.

Promise to keep these updates more frequent. Till then, come by the brewery and sample our hard-earned efforts. Officially we are open Thursdays to Sundays, but if you happen to be any night of the week, there's a 100% chance you'll find us hard at work. Don't be shy, pop in and be expected to be put to work!

Oh, and here's a neat video we did on Roger's Daytime

- Love, Team Stray Dog